Descuento pans and company

descuento pans and company

Zamora had returned to Venezuela to lead the Federal War, which lasted to 1863.
Unasur was expected to replace the South American Community, declared in 2004, and unite the Mercosur and Andean Community free trade areas.
(SFC,11/22/97,.A9 Econ, 4/21/07,.42 Econ, 7/14/07,.46) 1997 Sidor, Venezuela's largest steel maker, Sidor, was privatized.
(WSJ, 12/12/95,.A-15 SFC, 12/8/99,.A17) 1995 Moises Naim (b.1952 Venezuelan writer, coined the phrase corruption eruption." (Econ, 5/1/10, 1995 Venezuela devalued its Bolivar currency 41 to 290 from 170 to the US dollar.
(SFC, 5/31/96, A16 Econ, 1/8/11,.86) 1993 Aug 31, Venezuelas Congress officially removed President Andres Perez (b.1922) from office.(Reuters, 8/8/17) 2017 Aug 9, Washington imposed sanctions on eight Venezuelan officials for their role ganar mucho dinero en londres in creating an all-powerful legislative body loyal to President Nicolas Maduro, while a mayor-turned-fugitive called for more anti-government protests.(AP, 1/15/03) 2003 Jan 18, In Venezuela at least 100,000 anti-government protesters staged a candlelight march in Caracas.(AFP, 8/16/17) 2017 Aug 16, Venezuelas government-stacked Supreme Court announced it was ordering the capture of German Ferrer, the ousted chief prosecutor's husband, and referring the case to the new, all-powerful constitutional assembly.(SFC, 7/9/96,.A8 SFC,11/17/97,.A14 AP, 4/15/05 AP, 5/11/05) 1976 In Venezuela Carlos Lanz and 5 others kidnapped an American executive and held him captive for the next 3 years.Nestor Reverol as interior minister.(AP, 6/21/09) 2009 Jun 20, In Venezuela authorities arrested Salvatore Miceli, suspected of being a key intermediary in the drug trafficking trade and one of Italy's most dangerous Mafia fugitives, as he left his apartment in Caracas.On Nov 12 regional police arrested Jose Rodriguez, Jonas Marcano and Johan Isazis.Trujillo Vasquez was arrested on Sep 21 in a slum in the city of Araure in the western state of Portuguesa.

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(WSJ, 2/2/04,.A1) 2002 Feb 12, Pres.
Hugo Chavez proposed that South American and African nations unite to create a cross-continental mining corporation to keep control of their resources.
Perez had served 2 terms as presidents (1974-1979, ).(WSJ, 6/7/96,.A15) 1996 Jun 7, Assets under Venezuela state control included all mines, oil production, petrochemical, aluminum and iron factories, beaches, ports, a large proportion of agricultural lands, prime real estate locations, 60 of the value of the banking system, manufacturing companies,.(AP, 6/12/17) 2017 Jun 20, It was reported that the number of Venezuelans seeking asylum in the United States is accelerating as the oil-rich economy crashes and bloody, anti-government protests roil the nation.The action came only days after the US criticized Venezuela's cooperation in fighting illegal narcotics.(WSJ, 9/17/99,.A1) 1999 Oct 4, It was reported that Venezuela had begun domestic sales of unleaded gasoline.

Authorities say Venezuela is increasingly becoming a trans-shipment point for cocaine, and Mexican cartels often ship money back to South America to pay for the drugs.