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4.1.3 The Affiliate agrees not to communicate with any Hotel in respect of (consumed) bookings made through the System or for any customer service in respect of such bookings made through the System or consumed.
8.1.3 Each Party may terminate this Agreement or suspend this Agreement in respect of the other Party, with immediate effect and descuentos en cine hoyts entel without a notice of default being required in case of: (a) a material breach by the other Party of any term of this Agreement;.
The Affiliate shall promptly contact each Third Party Platform or third party agency, and revise the Affiliate Website(s) and all ad copy, titles, descriptions, keywords, URLs, text links, advertisements, including all meta tags (meta titles, meta keywords and meta descriptions) to comply with the terms.
Pierre and MiquelonSudanSurinameSvalbard Jan Tomé and and Caicos IslandsTuvaluU.We offer the largest selection of accommodations online with more than 23 million bookable rooms in over 1 million properties.Pantallas para hospitalidad Smart Signage TVs Tablets empresariales Gracias Gracias por su interés, nos pondremos en contacto con usted pronto.The English version shall be used in legal proceedings."m Competitor" means any direct or indirect competitor.11.6 Translation.6.1 The original English version of this Agreement may have been translated into other languages.Black Hat SEO tactics include: keyword stuffing, hidden text and links, doorway and cloaked pages, link farming and blog comment spam."Black Hat" (also called spamdexing) means any attempt to redirect search results to particular target pages in a fashion or manner that is in violation of the Spamming Regulations.4.7 Similar domain names.7.1 In the event that the Affiliate has or uses a domain name (confusingly) similar to the m Brands (the "Similar Domain Name for the Affiliate Website(s) (to be determined at m discretion) or in the event that the Affiliate wishes.

Optimización de las operaciones hoteleras, mejora de la productividad y la eficiencia.
"Affiliate Website(s means the website owned, controlled, hosted and operated by the Affiliate on which the Service shall be made available which URLs are set out in the Affiliate Partner Registration Form.
Unless the Parties agree otherwise in writing, none of them shall (i) enter into any contract or commitment with third parties as agent for or on behalf of the other Party, (ii) describe or present itself as such an agent or in any way hold.
In the event the Affiliate does not (cooperate with and effectuate the) set over, assignment and transfer (of) the relevant domain names, the Affiliate hereby irrevocably and unconditionally authorizes, empowers and gives a power of attorney to and in favor of m to sign and/or.
"Double Serving" means multiple ads on the same results page of a search engine with the purpose to direct traffic to similar websites or pages with similar content.Automatice y digitalice las operaciones internas.Our dedicated support team is available to help you work through any problems you might have while using our products.Para partners, mI PÁgina, samsung, productos, sites globales."SEO" means search engine optimization and includes the process of (i) improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site or a web page from search engines via "natural" or un-paid organic" or "algorithmic search results, or (ii) realizing or creating an improved."Cloaking" means a Black Hat search engine optimization (SEO) technique in which the content presented to the search engine spider is different to that presented to the user's browser, with the purpose to deceive search engines so they display the page when it would not.Clause.4.1 in respect of paragraph (i) up to and including (v) shall survive termination of this Agreement.License.1 Mutual license.1.1 Subject to Clause.4, m hereby grants the Affiliate a non-exclusive, royalty free and worldwide right and license (or sublicense as applicable (a) to display such elements of the m Data and such further information of the Hotels on the.8.1.7 In the event of (alleged) fraudulent activities by the Partner (or parties related to or using the Service through the Partner) or insofar required by law, court order, (semi) governmental instruction or orders, arbitrational decision (or similar ruling subpoena, m reserves the right.